About the Journal

The publisher: Tecniche Nuove

The publisher Tecniche Nuove started in 1964, with the specific aim of disseminating professional information and updating in Italy. Its fields of action have expanded over time, extending from the mechanical field in many other areas, such as science and technology; today Tecniche Nuove is a leader in the field of technical, professional, scientific and medical information.

The group Tecniche Nuove publishes 141 printed and digital publications (professional magazines in the areas of mechanics, agriculture, engineering, design, logistics, music, building trade, retail and HoReCa market, as well as journals in the fields of medicine, nutrition and health research and development), and has a catalogue of 1,330 books and 35 book series.

Tecniche Nuove is also a recognized provider registered in the Italian ministerial program of continuing medical and professional education for all types of professionals, not limited to the medical and healthcare field (CME credits), and organizes both residential events and online courses. In addition, as a group Tecniche Nuove organizes every two years in Bologna Exposanità, a major European exhibition in the healthcare field.

This is the background of the dental journal Il Dentista Moderno, which represents more than thirty years of scientific and professional updating for Italian dentists, and publishes each month a selection of scientific papers and case reports from the contribution of Italian and international researchers. The journal has a scientific board of great experience and authority, which guarantees the quality of its content. This also covers practical, technical and managing aspects related to the dental profession, surveys and interviews with opinion leaders. The journal also offers its subscribers online CME courses.

Il Dentista Moderno is available also as an App and access to its archive is possible online at the journal’s website. Today it counts about 8,000 subscribers.



The aim of the Italian Journal of Dental Medicine is to reflect the excellence of Italian dentistry and to also accept articles from contributors outside Italy, who often bring in our country their cultural contributions (in the forms of courses and conferences) working with the local scientific institutions: a journal testifying the educational and training approach of Italian contributors, focusing on evidence-based solutions for clinical problems that affect large swaths of the population. Italy is in fact in the forefront internationally for dentistry, with a strong tradition of clinical medicine and research. This is essentially due to the fact that, in the past, dentists came from the ranks of surgeons, which opened the possibility to tie in with many branches of medicine, and still today this tradition enables Italian dentists – who take an independent degree course – to become acquainted with and further explore the most commonly related medical fields right from the outset of their studies. Another reason for Italian excellence in this field is because of the specific degree course in Dentistry and Prosthodontics that began in the late 1980s, supported by professors coming from the medical area, where teaching was immediately combined with research, thus leading to excellent results.

Good clinical practice comes from research and should be explained with the clarity and solidity that teaching methods permit, extrapolating what is really needed for ongoing learning by oral clinicians. Tecniche Nuove decided to fill this gap by creating the Italian Journal of Dental Medicine, and, owing to an Italian and international editorial board, offer significant scientific information, in terms of applied research and clinical considerations, to an international audience.