Facial Reanimation

Milan, 8th April 2019
San Paolo Hospital, Via A. Di Rudinì, 8 – 20142 Milan – Italy

Facial reanimation


San Paolo Hospital Auditorium, Milan – Italy
EACMFS (European Association for Cranio Maxillo Facial Surgery)

President: Federico Biglioli
International guest speakers: Teresa Gonzales-Otero, Charles Nduka, Grazia Salimbeni

Facial palsy is a condition that negatively and severely affects the quality of life as it causes functional, aesthetic and psychological deficits. Its prevalence is very high, as it affects one in fifty subjects. The causes are many and, depending on the etiology, spontaneous healing is possible. In cases of partial or complete deficit, it is possible to optimize functional and aesthetic recovery with a surgical or non-surgical procedure.

The course includes live broadcast from the operating room of a “triple innervation” facial reanimation for recent paralysis, completed by in-class comments and scientific presentations on the same topic by a panel of distinguished speakers. The presentation of adjunctive treatment options offers a complete and updated picture of the treatment for different forms of facial palsy.


Doctors specialist in: Maxillo-facial Surgery; Oral Surgery; Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; Neurosurgery; Neurology; Ophthalmology; Otorhinolaryngology

Maximum number
80 participants

Deadline for admission
29th March 2019
(subject to availability)

Available at the secretariat as soon as the questionnaire of perceived quality has been filled

85,00 € included VAT (69,67 € + VAT), including coffee break and light lunch


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