From Prevention to Intervention

Mutlu Özcan Prof. Dr. Dr., h.c., Ph.D

Dear Reader,

One of the most important responsibilities of scientists and clinicians in the field of dentistry is to circulate knowledge and share clinical experience with the dental community rapidly so that science can excel and our patients receive the best treatment modalities based on unbiased evidence-based data. Today, there are many ways of sharing information but one has to differentiate information from knowledge where the latter is essential in providing health care lege artis. In that respect, written material still counts for the best means and therefore publishing in scientific journals remains the most important source in disseminating knowledge. In the new era of sharing information among scientific and other societies, as you may all appreciate, publishing research findings in journals started to gain a new character. The increasing number of new journals, lack of time in delivering high quality peer-reviews delivered by the editorial board members or reviewing scholars, is threatening the status of peer-review. Moreover, specific focus in a given dental journal in one discipline only, is a limiting factor for providing wide spectrum of scientific knowledge to general practitioners. In fact, from prevention to intervention, we have to be acknowledged with the recent findings in all disciplines in our daily practices. Also, with the advances in recent technologies and materials, distinct differences between some disciplines are fading. These progresses are in part moving dentistry from specialist dentistry to a more general one. With the new facade to this journal, we aim for creating a platform for all disciplines of dentistry and delivering high quality original research, methodologically sound short or long-term clinical research findings, creative clinical tips and techniques, well-documented cases and literature reviews as well as your notes to share for general practitioners.

We, as editors and reviewers, welcome you continue publishing your highest quality scientific and clinical work at a new venue, DM Italian Journal of Dental Medicine!

Sincerely yours,

Mutlu Özcan, Prof. Dr. Dr., h.c., Ph.D