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With the present issue, the Italian Journal of Dental Medicine completed its second volume and thus looks forward to the third one with renewed enthusiasm.

The scope of the journal is to share and disseminate innovative practice, proposing research outcomes and evidence-based solutions for clinical problems.

During these two years the Italian Journal of Dental Medicine has brought to a wider, international audience the heritage of Il Dentista Moderno, that since 1982 has been the mouthpiece of Italian clinical expertise in dentistry. The journal promotes excellence to private dental practitioners with well documented articles covering the full range of clinical topics. Italy has in fact a long standing and prestigious tradition in dentistry, and private dentistry in particular, that has spurred generations of authoritative dental practitioners to seek excellence in their work, and spread the art of dentistry. And this is confirmed by the high number of Italian authors who have published important articles in international journals.

A sound clinical approach cannot be attained without research and the Italian tradition of clinical medicine and scholarly studies in dentistry has always put the strongest focus on the clinical side of research. This aspect is also reflected in the articles published so far in the Italian Journal of Dental Medicine, in which the clinical slant prevails. However, it is now desirable that Italian institutions, as in most western countries, devote more resources to basic research. Similarly, the commitment for the next volume of the Italian Journal of Dental Medicine is to strengthen its focus on experimental and basic research with the aim to broaden the pool of authors and readers worldwide and to provide really innovative, interesting and relevant scientific information.

Paolo Pegoraro

Editorial Director

DOI: 10.32033/ijd.2017.2.04.1

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